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The Image Which the world cried for it


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Famine in Africa


Eagle awaiting the death of this child to eat him




This child who pulls his mother and thought to be dormant and wants to awaken

And did not know that his mother had died of hunger and thirst



I am Sorry for the dissemination of these images sad :(

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These are very sad images but are so real and a fact of life there. This always touches my heart very deeply. I know first hand ( maybe one day I will be able to tell you how ) that there are so many suffering and dying there - the number of deaths each day is horrific which also as a result leaves countless numbers of infants/children without parents or anybody to look after them. It is a vicious cycle. I too so desperately wanted to help and have through Church Missions and Doctors Without Borders the only two that I don't think absorb all the money they get and actually use it towards the cause for which it is intended. I guess there is never a sure way to know just how much does get to places like the needy in Africa but for the two I have sent a donation to can only hope and pray that some of that money actually got used for them.



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