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  1. Yikes Koach !! Hope they have you on good pain meds and you have a speedy (as possible) recovery. Take care, stay safe and NO more falling ! lol T-Rok
  2. These are very sad images but are so real and a fact of life there. This always touches my heart very deeply. I know first hand ( maybe one day I will be able to tell you how ) that there are so many suffering and dying there - the number of deaths each day is horrific which also as a result leaves countless numbers of infants/children without parents or anybody to look after them. It is a vicious cycle. I too so desperately wanted to help and have through Church Missions and Doctors Without Borders the only two that I don't think absorb all the money they get and actually use it towards the cause for which it is intended. I guess there is never a sure way to know just how much does get to places like the needy in Africa but for the two I have sent a donation to can only hope and pray that some of that money actually got used for them. T-Rok
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    LoL Thanks Nan and Smiley. I'll try and get on when I get home T-Rok
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    Thanks Doctor Koach :>) T-Rok
  5. Hi All Last August my surgeon tried to repair my knee in a arthroscopy surgery after all other treatments failed however when he got in there he discovered the damage was much worse than he expected. There is nothing left in my knee ( no cartiledge or meniscus ) making my knee very painful and very unstable due to it being bone on bone. He cleaned it up while he was in there but there was nothing else he could do. So although I am very young for this surgery my surgeon decided I need a total knee replacement. I'm going into the hospital March 13th for a total knee replacement surgery. I will be in the hospital ( min.) 5 days then ( barring any problems or complications ) I will be coming home where a nurse and physiotherapist will be coming for 3 weeks to check on me and give me physiotherapy. After that I will have another 6 weeks of physio at the hospital or CLSC. I will also have my family here to look after me. As a part of my pre admission I had to meet with a social worker ( amongst many others - it was a day long event ) to ensure family and everything is in place so I can come home and not have to go to a rehab center. I have to say the hospital is very thorough with checklists of things that need to be bought and done at home/gotten ready for when I come home. With this new knee I will be the 1/2 million dollar woman and am looking forward to being able to walk and do what I want without a cane, assistance or pain. T-Rok
  6. June 24th In Quebec June 24th is also St Jean Baptiste Day (a holiday) T-Rok
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