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Headphone Hat

Guest ajaX

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Winter is finally here in Massachusetts. While digging in the 'Hats' plastic tub today, I happened upon a flappy hat from last year. SantaMaker recently brought me some cheap headphones, and a few amplified speakers too (but those are for another project). Tonight turned out to be the time to merge the two into a HeadphoneHat. There is a similar project in Diana Eng's book Fashion Geek.

First thing was to gather all the stuff: Headphones, a flappy hat, a nice sharp pair of shears, a seam ripper, some thread and a needle were all this project called for.


You can view my photos of making the first HeadphoneHat on Flickr.


  • Scissors
  • Seam ripper
  • Sewing needle

Relevant parts

  • Headphones, 1/8" plug, mono or stereo
  • hat with ear flaps



Step 1

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