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Weird Ways People Die In America

Guest ajaX

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Every year nearly 120,000 people die from accidents, although over 2/3 of them occur from vehicle collisions and poisonings, there are plenty of other unusual ways people kick the bucket. Here is a selection of weird fatalities for one year, taken from the most recent government statistics.

  • The ignition or melting of nightwear killed 6
  • Being confined or trapped in a low oxygen environment killed 14
  • Hot tap water claimed 43
  • Lightning took 48
  • Being bitten or struck by an animal other than a human or dog killed 80
  • The ignition or melting of clothing resulted in 97 fatalities
  • Being caught between objects or mechanical forces took 103
  • Electrical transmission lines killed 105
  • Being the rider of an animal vehicle took 120
  • Being an occupant of an agricultural vehicle killed 154
  • Accidental hanging and strangulation killed 274
  • Being drowned or submersion while falling into a bath tub killed 344
  • Falling from a ladder killed 477
  • Falling out of a building claimed 533 lives
  • Accidental suffocation & strangulation in bed killed 573
  • Excessive cold claimed 700
  • Falling from house furniture killed 899

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Any statistics on how many of these were drug/alcohole related?

I mean geez


Falling from house furniture killed 899

fell off the couch?


Not in this one, this is just for weird ways.


As far as furniture, that could be couches, chairs, dressers, tables, etc

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When my son was in his teens, and growing like a weed, he routinely would fall off the sofa.

Then there was my neighbor, a Captain in the Army and star of the local military rugby team, who broke his neck getting out of bed to answer the phone.

Fortunately, neither my son or my friend, died as a result.

In the old days there were numerous deaths from falls from the roof (folks adjusting or installing their TV antennas). There were also occasional deaths from folks trying to fix their TV's and touching the back of the picture tube before "bleeding" the charge.

And of course there are always the annual "Darwins"

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