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The object of Frenzy is to create as many words as you can from one larger word (the Frenzy Word).


Frenzy commands (typed in the room):


!WFobject to see the object of the game


!WFcommands for game commands

!WFstart ~ to Begin Game (*)

!WFstop ~ to End Game (*)

!WFchamp ~ to See CHAMP Score (*)

!WFhof ~ to See The Hll of Fame (*)

!WFstat ~ to See Your Score (*)

!WFstat <nickname> ~ to See That Player's Score (*)


!WFscores ~ to See Current Players Scores (*)

!WFaddword <word> to submit the word to Game Dictionary


To join in a current game, just start typing your words.


The object is to make as many 3 or more letter words in one minute as you can, out of the letters in the Frenzy Word given.

For example, a Frenzy Word might be: UNSOCIABLE


From that word you could make words of able, social, can, and so on.


Points are awarded according to the length of the word. Able would be 4 points, can would be 3 points, and social would be 6 points.



Have Fun!

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