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my great gram's stuffing recipe for turkey


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I miss my great gram a lot, we used to spend hours in the kitchen preparing various meals for the holidays and such. She taught me a lot about cooking and life. Here is one of my favorites, cause it's easy to make and taste delicious!!


Friends and Family always come back for seconds and thirds. I carry on the tradition and have passed the recipe on to my kids for them to do the same. When I prepare it and eat it, it brings back memories of my great gram and the fun times we've had in her kitchen as a result she's always in my heart during the holidays. I've decided to share it here with everyone as it's the best stuffing I've ever had. I hope you will try it and like it as much as my friends, family and I do.






Dice up a loaf of white bread or enough to fill the cavity and neck flap of the turkey. Place it in a large salad bowl and set it out to dry for a couple days before you stuff and cook the turkey. When you are ready to stuff the turkey heat a fry pan and melt enough butter to dampen the dried bread cubes, Dice up a couple large onions and fry till translucent in the butter. Add Summer Savory to the onion/butter mixture to intensify the flavor of the savory. Once the onions are translucent pour the mixture over the bread cubes and toss till slightly damp. Stuff the turkey cavity and neck flap with the stuffing. I place any extra stuffing in foil and roast along side the turkey. The Summer Savory will permeate the turkey as well as add tons of flavor to the stuffing. This recipe is a guaranteed winner!!


Summer Savory isn't near as popular as it should be. If you can't find it at your local grocer ask them well in advance if they can order some in for you. You wont' be disappointed ^_^ more on Summer Savory can be had here:



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