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Auto +q works again!


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Auto +q works again!


I've had alot of people ask for a way to Auto +q their room members.

But without using a script, there was no way to do it.

Now we have a way!

First, you'll have to turn off XOP for your room.

This means things like AOP, SOP, HOP, etc will no longer work. Instead, you'll use ACCESS to set user LEVELs.


Here's how to do it (you will substitute your room name for #koachsworkshop)

/cs set #koachsworkshop xop off


Next, you'll need to set the level for each of your ops/hosts, etc.


Here are some default levels you can use and you can customize them too

Level: 9999

Type: Auto Owner XOP (old): there was previously no way

Mode +q


Level: 10

Type: Auto Admin

XOP (old): SOP

Mode: +a


Level: 5

Type: Auto Op

XOP (old): AOP

Mode: +o


Level: 4

Type: Auto HalfOp

XOP (old): HOP

Mode: +h


Level: 3

Type: Auto Voice

XOP (old): VOP

Mode: +v


Here are a few examples.


To set nooblet to auto owner in #KoachsWorkShop:

/cs access #koachsworkshop add nooblet 9999


To set nooblet to auto op in #KoachsWorkShop:

/cs access #koachsworkshop add nooblet 5


For a complete description of each level type:

/cs help levels desc


For an example of customizing the room LEVELS:



For a list of levels set in your room:

/cs levels #koachsworkshop list


For more detailed information about ChanServ:


Let me know if you have more questions




Important reminder! Never give your channel password to another person. If you do, you are giving them ownership of the room and you may not be able to get it back!

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i know this is old now but i keep getting "ChanServ- Channel access lists may only contain registered nicknames."


with xop off


/cs access #team\boak add ADDRESS 9999



...Add:/cs access # add $address($1,1) 9999

...Delete:/cs access # del $address($1,1) 9999

...List:/cs access # lis


cant i add a mask over just a nickname?

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Sorry Oak, I just saw this post.


I don't think you can use a mask. This auto q module works with Services and Nickserv and Chanserv only recognize people that have registered a nick.


But, I'd have to test this to be sure. I'll try to check it later.

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