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Aussie - o

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I saw this today and thought I would share.   In Australia many words end in "o"  .. see below:  


The well earned work break is the smoko

Household rubbish is taken by the garbo

We fill our cars with petrol from the servo

When it is the afternoon, that is the arvo

People in an ugly mood are being aggro

A typographical error is known as a typo

Time off with a work injury, is the compo

Cost-effective wine, is drunk by the wino

The unfortunate down and out is a derro

The Ambulance Paramedic, is the Ambo

Home delivered milk is done by the milko

Upgrading the home is also giving a reno

The name for the liquor store is a bottle-o

Our car registration that's due is the rego

The newspaper journalist is also a journo

And good charity work is done by a Salvo

The leader of the Opposition Party is Albo

The Prime Minister of Australia, is ScoMo

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