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Countdown To Christmas!


My grandson's rock band

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ok, its not really his lol, but he played in one.

He went to a Rock camp at http://globalsoundstudio.com/

For 4.5 days, three hours a day, they learn two songs, and write one. Then, the last day, they go into a professional sound studio and record the 3 songs. On Saturday night, they give a concert showing what they learned, along with the other bands.

The original song was Goodbye Summer. The vocalist wrote most of the words, and together they wrote the music.

It's pretty amazing what they learned. Oh yea, two of them were 11 years old, the drummer was 10.

Can you tell I am a proud grandpa lol



02-Goodbye Summer.mp3

03-Boulevard of Broken Dreams.mp3

01-Still Into You.mp3

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Thats great Koach, the kids must have had heaps of fun and learned new things for their music too 

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One of the very few times that I'm actually sad that I'm deaf. I'm happy he enjoyed it and I hope he continues to work at it so he can support us in our old age . . .oh wait, it's too late I'm already OLD :?

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