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    No reason!

    With the shape the navy is in, they'd be lucky not to blow themselves up lol
  2. Koach

    How to amuse a blonde

    LOL, I'm sorry. But, i know you'll find other sources of amusement.
  3. Koach

    The Glass House of the NFL

    That's a good article, I see the writer's name, but where was it published? I agree with all the points he made. When I ask someone who supports the kneeling what they are protesting, the answer is always "social injustice." But, when I push for a more exact answer, they don't have one. So, they are protesting over a slogan. I thought I would really miss watching NFL games, but once I decided to boycott games, I realized there were a lot better things to spend my time doing, things I enjoyed more. For example, throwing the football around with Dustin, or playing my guitar by myself, or with Dustin, or cleaning the house (which it really needs, and I learned I didn't really mind doing it lol). Once the Broncos stopped the kneeling, and I started watching them again, i didn't miss not watching the other games. And, i often forget about Monday and Thursday Night Football entirely. I have a lot of fun playing Fantasy football, and I don't have to watch any of the games to do that. So, Goodell, and the spoiled brat millionaire players, really have hurt the league by refusing to take a stand, and I am happy to be watching fewer football games.
  4. Koach

    How to amuse a blonde

    ok, tell the truth, how many hundreds of times did you press the button, Chirp?
  5. Koach

    Title Required

    LOL, they sure might be.
  6. Koach

    Nan's family animals

    What a pretty little dog. Nice hair cut
  7. Koach

    Current Desktop

    That's an impressive ship. I would not want see that offshore unless it was my friend.
  8. Koach

    Texan X-mas lights ?

    LOL, that's great. How many strings of lights did you order, Stormy!
  9. Koach

    Who is the boss ?

    I bet the steak loses
  10. Koach

    No reason!

    I think we are clearly too dangerous for anyone to want to visit lol
  11. Koach

    No reason!

    lol to bomb Stormy?
  12. Koach

    U remember this day ?

    ahh, the good old days!
  13. Koach


  14. Koach

    No reason!

    /me offers dawn some free sand
  15. Koach

    Happy Birthday Stormy

    Happy Birthday Stormy! Have a great day
  16. Koach


    I showed that picture to Dustin, he couldn't believe it was real lol
  17. Koach


    she looks like a little stuffed animal lol
  18. Koach

    I did not take a knee.

    Nan, Some of our professional football players (and some ahtletes in other sports too) go down on one knee instead of standing with their hand over their heart when our National Anthem is played before sporting events. The athletes claim they are doing this because of social injustice in the U.S. To many of us, however, we perceive this as an insult to our Flag and our Country. I, and many others, believe that while there may be social injustice (and it is debatable exactly what they mean by that) they are dishonoring all the military personnel that have died protecting the American way of life. After all, these pro athletes are are making millions of dollars because our country is the way it is. While I agree that these athletes have the right to free speech and the right to protest, they are going about it in the wrong way. Instead of bringing people together to work on fixing the problems, they are dividing the country even more. That, in a nutshell is what "taking a knee" is all about.
  19. Koach

    Title (required) (Hey i'm a blonde)

    lol , the second joke was pretty good.
  20. Koach

    I did not take a knee.

    It's true. In time, history will show how poor and corrupt a president Obama was, along with the Clintons. A lot is already coming out regarding the uranium given to Russia in exchange for fat speaking fees to the Clintons.
  21. Koach

    Glorious Insults

    These are great, Nan. I'll have to remember some to throw out in conversations lol
  22. Koach

    Stupid is ----------

    LOL, we do have training classes on how to read a calendar, if you are interested.
  23. Koach

    Wind Turbine Blades

    Yea, it sure is. I have seen huge blades travel by rail through Colorado, but nothing that long.
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