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  1. Insightful things

    This just seemed so true to me ...
  2. No reason!

    man that is sure on point!
  3. No reason!

    this is a great thread, thanks Dawn. ... and no reason is the best reason
  4. My poor forrester

  5. Tigger

    sj - I am so sorry about Tigger and thank you for sharing your feelings. <3
  6. Star's schedule

    Two weeks in a row! No work tonight, so I will be at readers again.
  7. Star's schedule

    I don't have to work today, so will be at reader's tonight.
  8. Pictures requested

    pink <3
  9. I thought this meant that Zoe got a dog.
  10. Gizmo, Baby and. Trooper

    I love pet pics.
  11. Sparrow

    Ooooooooooooh, I want one.
  12. No internet

    Hi Dawn. I shall keep your corner of the middle well dusted and stocked with snacks for when you come by. Hugs, Star
  13. Tater Tot Casserole

    TV_Tech reminded me of this in chat today. Smiley, what the heck is a flatty?
  14. Cyclone Uma hit Vanuatu

    Frightening. I can't imagine. Thank you for sharing them, Nan.
  15. My Favorite Animal

    LOL, that is so cute.