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Lamb Shanks - casseroled


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This is a favourite of mine:


2 lamb shanks (or 1 for each person)

1 bunch baby carrots (peeled and chopped in large chunks)

2 onions - (peeled and chopped into quarters)

500ml vegetable stock

2 cups of red wine

Fresh oregano

1 cup Fresh parsley (optional) tear into pieces

2-3 bay leaves


1) Brown the shanks in an large heavy saucepan, then add the stock before throwing in the carrots and onions.


2) Add the wine and herbs. Put the lid on and bring to a boil then lower the heat to a very slow simmer and cook for a minimum of 2 hours, but as long as 4 hours.


3) Serve with mashed potato, blanched green beans and the remainder of the red wine! Enjoy!



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