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Lou and Robin the skeleton A Proper Ending


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Lou gently laid Robins head on the ground, tears streamed down his face, "no point going in there" he thought as he looked towards the cabin which was now engulfed in fire. he managed to drag himself to his feet aware that his knee may give way at any moment, the only thought in his head was how to help his friend, skeleton or no he had saved his life. The neighbors garage about 300 feet away seemed like forever to get to and blind hope held his will steady enough to keep going. Inside he found an old wheelbarrow, a couple of dusty tattered sheets covering a rusty VW beetle that had seen better days, masking tape and an antique first aid kit which at first glance held little apart from gauze. Lou threw all of this into the barrow and hauled ass. "Im coming Robin" he said under his breath, the smoke was thick and in the distance he could hear sirens making their way to the cabin, he somehow managed to drag Robin onto the sheet enough to wrap it underneath him, getting him into the wheelbarrow took a lot of hard work, puffing and panting, the sweat was pouring off him in rivers. If caught by the police and fire department he knew what the picture looked like. Arson and Grave robbing for sure and then Questions and more Questions that Lou had no intention of answering. he tossed the rest of his stolen property into the wheelbarrow and made off with Robin the skeleton into the night..

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