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So today after about 12 years of ownership, I had to say goodbye. So many memories.  I always went to her first thing in the morning sometimes even before I ate breakfast; after every annoying shift.  She was an energetic cat in her young years and then turned into a sleeping/eating 24/7 cat later on. She was a great cat; possibly the best we'll ever own.


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I really don't know how to express my feelings on this, Zimri, I lost a 21 year old Dog last year.

I really shouldn't call Toughie a dog, he was my best friend for 21 long, happy, playful years, I miss him still.

Two weeks after Toughie passed, I found my 20 year old Domino Cat Oreo in my back yard, I'm not ashamed to say that I cried many tears over those two friends and family members, it was like losing two of my children . . . seriously!

I loved those those two and they returned that love one hundred fold.

I'm not going to say you'll get over it, you won't, but in time, you'll remember the good memories more than you will the sadness of their passing.

So, all I can say right now is; I'm so sorry for your loss.




The pic of Toughie was taken when he was about 15 and as you can see, still happy and active.

The one of Oreo was right after I got her, she like to sit and lie down on my old 19" CRT Monitor (that's a 25 foot Lufkin Tape next to her LOL, she was so tiny.

And I'm sure Tigger owned you much more than you owned Tigger, that's just how it is with pets.

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