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Papua New Guinea


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As some know, I lived with my family in Papua New Guinea for many years and it was an experience I will always remember with great affection.   Some of you might not even know where it is, so google it :)    It's a beautiful country just north of Australia that is home to the Melanesian people.   A country of diverse landscapes, from jungle and beautiful coastlines, to the high mountains (a few that get snow in winter) where the climate is similar to spring, all year. 


As I come across some interesting photos from our years there, I will post them here now and then.


Hear are some photos of a ceremony that took place on 13 May 1979 at a little place called Bena Bena which is in the mountains near the main city of Goroka.  We lived there for several years.   I can't remember what the compensation was for, perhaps someone from one clan had a relative who died due to an accident by a person from a different clan.  They met, they talked and discussed and then an amount of money (in this case $25,000) was presented to the family receiving the compensation.  The money in notes is attached to a very long pole (called a money pole) and presented to the family.








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