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Starlets triumphed over breast cancer


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Flower Kharji: Kuwaiti actress suffered a flower Kharji many years ago from breast cancer, but underwent numerous treatments and returned after her recovery to reaffirm to all patients that faith and will and hope that anyone can go beyond the challenges of any health problem successfully.



Cynthia Nixon: actress Cynthia Nixon recovered from breast cancer after his diagnosis in 2006, and based on her personal experience, Nixon has become one of the ladies active in outreach programs for this disease


Angelina Jolie: Despite the lack of breast cancer, but the likelihood of being infected with the proportion of the disease (87%) paid to the selection of the eradication of her breasts as a preventative.



Kylie Minogue: After the failure of the initial examination in the diagnosis of injury to the Australian singer Kylie Minogue's breast cancer, medical examinations showed numerous infected with the disease. And then underwent Minogue to eradicate the tumor and cured. Based on its own experience, calling Minogue ladies to undergo the necessary tests for this situation more than once.kylie-jpg_122838.jpg

Sheryl Crow: After breast cancer and cure it, the singer Sheryl Crow filmed a documentary titled "Crazy Breast Cancer" as well as many of the ladies who Antsrn on what triggers the disease in the hope of healing the soul of every woman infected.



Jacqueline Smith: star hit "Charlie's Angels" actress Jaclyn Smith breast cancer Dat years ago but did not give up and were subjected to the necessary treatments until finally triumphed on the disease




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