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Moammar Rice


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Moammar Rice is an Egyptian dish which has a delicious taste. It is made from rice, milk and soup. This dish won't eat it in a restaurant because it is a domestic dish only.

It may fill with meat or a pigeon piece. 




Ready in: 60 min




- 2 cup rice.

- 1 cup milk.

- 1 cup broth.

- 2 tablespoon milk cream.

- 1/2 tsp black pepper.

- 1 tsp spices.

- 1 tsp salt.

- Cooked meat slides.




1- Wash rice and soak in water for 15 min, then screen well.

2- Add spices and black pepper.

3- Add milk cream and mix well.

4- Move rice into a pottery or pyrex casserole.

5- Boil milk and broth and add salt.

6- Add small slides for any type of cooked meat you want.

7- Pour boiled milk mix upon rice until rice is completely covered by liquid.

8- Stir rice and boil it.

9- Place rice in the hot oven and leave it around 30 min and spread a tablespoon of gee on the surface.

10- After 15 min, take rice out oven.


Pictured Method

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