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Nan's easy chicken


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This is my own recipe, it's very quick to cook, simple and quite tasty so I thought I'd share:



Chicken breasts or boned chicken thighs (chicken thigh is darker in colour but has more flavour)



Kechap Manis (a sweet Indonesian soy sauce - available in all supermarkets)



Cut the chicken into medium size pieces and cook in a non-stick pan with a little olive oil - then remove

Add sliced onion and garlic and when the onion is translucent return the chicken to the pan

Cook until the chicken is slightly browned

Add Kechap Manis sauce - quantity depends on how much chicken you have, so enough to coat the chicken is needed

Stir all ingredients together and simmer until chicken is cooked.


Serve with a nice mixed salad and crusty warm bread - you can also serve on a bed of boiled rice.


I have added a pic of a bottle of kechap manis for those who are wondering. There are several brands available and this is the one I use.



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