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Amusing Students


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Bring your father to school day came, and every kid brought his dad except Billy. After every dad had its speech, the teacher asks the kid:

“Billy, what does your father do? Why is he not here?”

“ He’s at an interview for a job at the FBI!”

“Wow that’s great! What will his job be?”

“I don’t know. When they took him last night they told my mother they’re bringing him in for questioning”



In the first day of school, the teacher wanted to see if kids know how to count to 14. When she gets to Jerry, the kid gets up and starts:

“Well....1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10, ace, jack, queen, king”



The teacher writes on the table “2-2=”

“Billy, could you tell me the result?”

“Yes it’s easy, It’s a draw”

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