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The seven wonders of the world .... the old + new


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Wonders of the World


Pyramids Giza (Egypt), one of the oldest seven wonders, the tombs of the Pharaohs, built around 2690 BC. M three pyramids Shad first of which the pharaoh Khufu, height 147 meters and the second the pharaoh Khafre, and height 136 meters, third pharaoh Menkaure and height 62 meters, one of the Seven Wonders of the remaining were filled with pathways cemeteries and one day the property of kings, which are invaluable, and buried with them so use them in other life as far as they claim, have been looted treasures Pyramids thousands of years ago are still discoveries to the sequence now.



Helios of Rhodes was the most famous giant statues of the old, was held in Greece in 280 BC. M on the island of Rhodes and 32 meters above has been smashed by an earthquake in 227 BC. M, bringing in ruins and this was the statue made ??of bronze, iron-fortified



Established Ptolemy II Lighthouse of Alexandria in 280 BC. M, where is the first lighthouse in the world and reached the high lighthouse about 120 meters, and was on the island, about a little bit about the city of Alexandria, the Egyptians had set fire to every night on top of the lighthouse to warn passing ships, demolished an earthquake in 1375



The Hanging Gardens of Babylon series of rocky terraces the unit after the other, dating back to 600 BC. AD It is said that Nebuchadnezzar is built and above these gardens from the ground between 23 and 92 meters but today no longer have the effect has disappeared, has planted trees and plants and flowers in the layer thick from the soil on each runway of rocky terraces.



(( Most of these wonders is over or destroyed did not keep them only the pyramids of Giza ))


((Wonders of the other))

Taj Mahal, a wonder of modern and worthy of research and study, built by a man to his wife, and now is one of the most famous tourist attractions in India, nor can a visitor to visit India without crossing this Abkh.

(Taj Mahal) (this palace magnificent and impressive built in memory of love and is a symbol of love ... and was built in memory of (Erjomend Bannu Bacam) and known for Aosm (Mumtaz Mahal) and had built (Shah Jahan in memory her when she died) for this is the symbol for love




Temple of Abu Simbel, the temple the great Abu Simbel, which dates back to Ramses II, decorated and faced four giant statues of the Pharaoh, the Great himself, as well as the legend tells that this temple to Hawwars monk, where he was lead Tauivath and its links in it, with a height of statue is one of about 20 meters, while the interface it is a width of 35 meters and 30 meters in height, and in the image can be seen the king accompanied by some of his wives and his sons, as well as the oddity and wonders Simbel temple or the sun enters the beam twice per year, specifically on February 20 and October 20.



Great Wall of China, a time and the masterpieces of the world and the human, it's Great Wall of China, worth seeing.



Leaning Tower of Pisa, located in Italy, one wonders of the world, but not seven, but wonders of the modern, amounting to 50 teacher on the face of the globe, designed by Italian architect Bonano Pizzato, and a height of 550 meters has been laying the foundation stone to him in 1173 AD and remained with the Italian architect until the year 1185, and when the building to the third floor noted that the tower is slightly tilted, and fled for fear of its occurrence has been the tower on this case over 90 years, came up another engineer and worked on its completion, and make the floors fifth, sixth and seventh straight to compensate for the tilt, then came the engineer third He completed the eighth floor building, so construction of the tower took about two centuries, however, continued to trend, so is considered a modern wonders of the world.




New Seven Wonders of the World


Pyramid of Chichen Itza Worship, Knowledge Yucat

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