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Wireframe Car.They are metal mesh are made strictly from the artist Benedict Radcliffe and placed on the edge of the road.



This image taken from the Salar de Uyuni is located in Bolivia's largest salt flat in the world.



Impossible triangle


See this triangle in the picture fool sight drawn on paper but impossible to implement in reality


But in fact been carried out artist in the city of perth in Australia and in a special way.


These shrubs are not industrial, but a real and these shapes are formed by linking them to each other during growth.




A rare clouds formed above the clouds in cases where the air speed is very high.



Giant rabbits are found in Germany, a very rare species.



This tap is a water fountain in the garden designed by MC Escher


The trick is the presence of a column in the tap water which does not appear because of the heavy flow of water.



strange court Tennis.


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