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Organism that does not die


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Can you imagine that there is a living being with us live on this earth, He came to the point that evolution does not reach the stage of aging and therefore can not die (naturally)?!!

The idea may seem suitable for a legendary science fiction movies, but we are talking about a real object, scientists discovered that it does not die, and his name Turritopsis nutricula



Surprisingly, this object is a species of jellyfish, and discovered a group of biologists at the University of Lecce Italian that he was able to regenerate body cells are constantly, and therefore does not reach the stage of old age never



Where it passes any jellyfish stages of growth:

- The stage of immaturity or the so-called phase Alpolb, when the jellyfish creature very simple.

- Adulthood or maturity, while this lamp can multiply and produce other sea jellyfish.

And natural is to pass any jellyfish stage immaturity and maturity, and death, but EFCT can go through that stage the contrary!

The sense that it just be up to the stage of puberty can return to the stage of immaturity again, and then mature and immaturity, and so on .., so you do not reach the stage of old age and therefore do not ever die (naturally)!



The reason for this surprising ability is a biological process called Transdifferentiation, means the ability of the organism to regenerate body cells grow, such as salamanders, while his body parts cut again, but Ka

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That's very interesting, Henry.

I googled Turritopsis nutricula and was surprised to see the number of articles about it, yet I had never heard of this creature.


Thanks for posting.

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