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Mayan prophecy of the end of the world in 2012 between the certification and denial


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Experts pointed out that the Mayan calendar that I use in that ancient civilization does not predict the end of the world in December 2012, as some think.


According to a new reading of tables of the Mayan calendar that suggests that the calendar year 2012 marks the end of a certain era in the calendar, not the end of the world and the resurrection.

The news agency Associated Press researcher at the Mayan codes Sven Grunimir saying that history was "a reflection of the Day of Creation" is also the day on which the return refers to the god of the Maya



According to this researcher read the text of the Maya carved on the stone, it is expected to return Boulogne Yukta god, the god of creation and the war, in this history.


And this date marks the end of eras led by stretching some 400 years and it is divided by the Mayan calendar.


And try the Mexican National Institute of Anthropology and History also examine and refute the ideas, which says that the Mayan civilization predicted a catastrophic event in 2012.



And pointed out that only two versions of the 15 A. Text of the texts of the Maya documented history of male 2012, did not predict any text at the end of the world.


Said Eric Velasquez expert at the National Autonomous University of Mexico, "there is no prophecy about 2012. It's a marketing fallacy. "


While still other researchers in disbelief and belief, are firmly that 2012 is the day promised to a great disaster hit the planet much likened Day of Resurrection.

And supports scientists of supporters of the theory of the disastrous end of the world changes taking place for this moment, such as widening access to higher ozone levels and the occurrence of earthquakes in different parts of the globe and access in places where the earthquake did not happen by or for a long time very like Turkey.



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Thanks for posting this article. I agree and believe that the Mayans did not predict the End of Times. From a few documentaries that I have seen, it is said that there will be the end of a cycle. The ends of cycles coincide with major events. It sure will be an interesting year and I am glad that we will all be around to discuss it in the coming new year. Great post, Henry. :)

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I remember working as a Host for the Y2K room as well as with city chats on MSN on Y2K day (the day that the computer world was supposed to end in digital clock melt down) as well as the day predicted by the Rapture Fans for the end of the real world. We were monitoring all the various MSN services around the world and could watch the date click over to 1/1/00 in each of the 24 time zones, starting with New Zealand and some of the South Pacific island nations. It was a fun evening, with a lot of laughter when the world continued to turn and a few big sighs of relief when we didn't lose one chat server anywhere in the world.


I figure the Mayan Calendar will have about the same impact on real life, that is: absolutely none other than forcing all the disaster movie script writers to find some other impending end to the world. (Maybe the possibility of a rogue black hole wandering into the center of the earth...that would really suck)


It would be fun to set up a channel #Mayan-EndofWorld and see exactly what time zone is the first to notice the "end of the era or world" as the case might be. Can we pin it down to a specific enough time frame that I don't have to lose any sleep (I can't stay up 24 straight like I could when I was younger.)

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I was on duty in Australia the night the YK2 bug was supposed to hit. We sighed with relief when our NZ neighbours were still online and after that felt pretty sure that nothing was going to happen. It was definitely a fun night. I think we should all be online at the time the Mayan prediction is due to kick in :D

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That was some night, huh? I was in chat as well, but then when haven't we been in chat, LOL.


The disruption preparing for a cyberattack possiiblity was interesting. It caused a lot of programmers to redesign things. I remember what the move to 4-digit years caused (ugh).


The Mayans (and, btw, not only that culture) and a recent mathematical extrapolation that seems to converge coincidentally at the same time the calendar ends all point to something happening. Not to say the world will dissolve, just something. Other than the math model, all of the cultural projections are so ancient and they all point to "something" around that time--coincidence?. For me, this is hard to completely dismiss. It sure makes one wonder and wondering is so interesting to explore.


The Y2K event was just one of numerous ongoing terror threats that come and hopefully pass unnoticed. In the case of events like these, it is always better to prepare ... just in case. How the media covers such preparation blows it way out of proporation for sure.


Whether we each of us wonders and leaves open the possibility or chooses to dismiss an event (like in the case of Y2K), I bet we all give a little "whew" after the deadline has passed. ;)

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