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Rice Dressing


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This is a bit of a unique recipe that I've found in an old cookbook. It seemed somewhat interesting to me, but Gh` convinced me in actually posting it. Away we go, Chefs!


1/2 lb of minced meat (hamburger meat, for you Americans)

1/2 lb of giblets, chopped

1 small onion, chopped

3 onion tops, chopped

1 cup of celery

1 small can of mushrooms

Salt and pepper

1 cup of raw rice, cooked


Combine the minced meat, giblets, onion, onion tops, and celery in sauce pan on medium heat. When meat is brown, turn heat to low, cooking for 1 hour - adding very little water, only as needed. Add mushrooms, cook an additional 10 minutes, season to taste. Mix with rice and serve.

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