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How to AUTOVOICE (or AUTOOP) ALL chatters


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How to AUTOVOICE (or AUTOOP) ALL chatters as they join your room


To use ChanServ to auto OP or auto VOICE every chatter (registered nick or not, IDENTIFYed or not) as they join your room, follow these steps.


1. Turn off the xOP Lists System.

Command: /cs set #chatroom xop off


This will mean that you can no longer use settings like AOP, SOP, VOP, etc. Instead, from now on, you'll add people to your room's ACCESS list.

Read more about that here: http://www.koach.com/forum/index.php/topic/268-auto-q-works-again/


2. After disabling the xOP Lists System, set a new LEVEL for your ACCESS list.

/cs levels #channel autoop -1


/cs levels #channel autovoice -1


3. You must also set:

/cs set #chatroom secureops off


/cs set #chatroom secure off.


That should do it.


If you have questions, post them here or contact an ircOP online.

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