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Information about our new format for Reader's Chat


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How to prepare for the new format in Reader’s Chat

At our last reader’s chat, we discussed having chats where we talked about things other than a short story. On those Saturdays, we’ll all show up prepared to talk about whatever topic has been selected. In some cases, that means typing information out ahead of time so we can copy and then paste the information to chat.

For example, suppose you were going to write a paragraph or two about yourself, so that we can all get to know each other better. That would be a lot to type manually in the chat room while everyone is waiting. It would be much better to type it out ahead of time into Word, Wordpad, or Notepad (or any editor) and then paste it, one line at a time to the chat room.

I emphasize that you should paste it one or two lines at a time because if you pasted all 2 or 3 paragraphs into a chat room all at once, you might flood people offline, including yourself, disconnecting them from the chat room or the chat server.

You can use any word editor program like Notepad, Wordpad, or Word to prepare your paragraphs ahead of time. Then ,using one of the methods described below, copy a line of text and paste it into Readers Chat.

When we talked about this idea last Saturday, some people said they weren’t sure how to Copy and Paste in chat. So, hopefully we’ll explain how to do that below.

Select from one of the following options:

Copy from a mIRC chat window using a mouse

Copy from a Kiwi chat window using your mouse

Copy from mIRC using a laptop without a mouse

Copy from KiwiChat using laptop without a mouse


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