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Updated Servers!


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Hi everyone, 
We have updated our servers and have new IP addresses.

chat1.koach.com =

chat2.koach.com =

chat3.koach.com =

chat4.koach.com =

Our webchat will automatically use one of the above servers.

Mirc users round robin type :
/server irc.koach.com:+6697  (for SSL connections)

/server irc.koach.com:6667    (for non SSL connections)

Of course, you can use a specific server listed above too.

Leave a message in our forum if you are having trouble connecting.    

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irc.koach.com: Closing link: (565AAAAUQ@ircip2.mibbit.com) [WEBIRC: you don't match any configured WebIRC hosts.]

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irc.koach.com: Closing link: (565AAAEN3@ [Z-lined: You look like a bot. Change your nick/ident/gecos and try reconnecting.]

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