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  1. Wow love it Tony!   I have a friend who has a '38 Buick, same colour and now and then we take it for a Sunday ride to the markets or somewhere for brunch, it's great fun (except if it rains, because the wipers aren't particularly reliable)   

  2. Stormy I think a bit of both, she was probably still under the effects of all the meds and of course she knows how to put on a face to suit every occasion lol.

    We've now got to the stage where I have removed the mesh "window" on her pram, and she just sits up like a princess with no attempt to jump out. 

  3. Love it!  here in Australia we had a Holden Sandman (I think Holden are Chevy in the USA) they were often very ornately decorated inside with the best of the best sound systems you could get at the time.   They were also known as "shaggin wagons"   

  4. So some know that my little Bonbon ruptured her crutiate ligament recently when she jumped off the couch (something she has done frequently for the past 7 years).   A trip to the vet provided the diagnosis, an ultrasound a week later (following some strong painkillers) confirmed it and so she was operated on immediately.  The vet tells me he made a new ligament for her and inserted it in place so she'll be able to get around again eventually.

    I was told no walking, I should carry her outside so she could pee then carry her back in again - and no excitement for about 2 months.  Bonbon of course has other ideas and yes she's been staying fairly quiet, but she is more than capable of walking quietly to the yard for her needs.   She has decided that being picked up and put on her blankie on the couch is very handy and she only has to ask nicely and voila!  I'm there to pick her up and put her on the floor.  

    So as Laylah was a bit annoyed that her bestie isn't allowed to go for walks and it's no fun walking on your own with your human, we found a "dog pram" for Bonbon, yes they actually make them and do a roaring trade for a variety of dogs (and cats) and their owners.   Now we can go for nice long walks with Laylah and my daughter's boxer Reekoh while PrincessBonbon now sits in her carriage and smiles sweetly at all and sundry.  It's turned a few heads, possibly caused a few drivers to not look where they are driving, but it's definitely helped the cause and been a lot of fun for us to take Bon on her daily walks.

    First pic is Bon the day after surgery with her peg leg

    Second pic is Bon in her chariot




    Bonbon Pram-leg after op - May 2021.jpg

    Bonbon Pram May 2021.jpg

  5. The ingredients tell me that could be really delicious, I am wondering why, especially as it's ground beef, (not cuts of a tougher beef such as gravy beef etc.) it needs to be cooked in a slow cooker on high for 6 hours, I'm thinking it would be a burned mess by then.


  6. Below is the personal "journey" of the daughter of the friend of my cousin, her name is Megan.   This young woman lives in the UK and is in her 20s and she got covid last year.    She posted on her Facebook what her life is like these days and some obstacles she's facing due to the after effects of having covid.   This does not apply to everyone who gets the virus, some die, some recover, but it is known that for many, there are health problems that will continue for years due to the damage that the virus can do.    I believe everyone should read it and be aware of what is possible.


    "Yesterday was an anniversary, of sorts. 6 months since I was tested positive for Covid-19. 6 months of being sick. Of learning about the virus along with medical professionals. Of finding my new normal. As we move towards the winter months, on the brink of a second wave, and lockdown looms large, I wanted to speak, again, about how we need to be taking this seriously. I wanted to talk about how I check my o2 levels frequently, monitor my heart rate constantly, take inhalers and medications to try and soothe my scarred and tired lungs, relieve the pain in my joints, boost my immune system. I can’t leave the house without a walking stick now. I was approved for a blue disabled parking badge, forcing me to acknowledge my new limitations. I sleep for hours at a time and still feel exhausted, completely debilitated by fatigue. Symptoms come and go, and even now, six months later, new symptoms are affecting my everyday life. I still can’t work, I still can’t be spontaneous. Even taking a shower is a carefully planned and considered event, and - depending on whether or not I faint in the shower - anything up to a couple of hours is needed to rest afterwards. I am still in my 20s. I was healthy before I caught covid. Now making a sandwich feels like an accomplishment. I know that lockdown feels scarier in the winter, that longer evenings and colder days feel lonelier. But understand that covid hasn’t gone anywhere, and the ‘two week and it’s done’ narrative isn’t always true. Be careful. Be safe. Be responsible. Wear your mask. Look after yourself and your loved ones. Stay healthy."

  7. You're going to hate this, but I have to say it .. China did it, and brought their numbers under control and with strong lockdowns and health initiatives and they have a population of over 1 billion.   The vaccines apparently lessen the symptoms of those who get covid-19 but they are saying that people can still get the virus and I'm unsure if they can still pass it on to others.  This is of course, similar to how other vaccines work. 

    Our Federal Govt worked with the States and together they made a plan that appears to work, although it's constantly evolving as new things are discovered about this virus.  I don't know what the answer will be eventually and how our world will change, but I do see huge changes and countries like mine and other smaller countries where they have managed to get on top of it (for now) will probably stick with the procedures they have in place as they seem to work.   It's interesting too, that the people who were complaining about lockdowns, politician bullies and how it is "only the flu", are now more accepting of situations where a 3 day lockdown is called due to a case being diagnosed in an area.   We are learning to work around the last minute restrictions, border restrictions and now and then a lockdown.


  8. They do show recoveries, on that update it's 1,297,294.  I think our stats show National and then breakdown by States. 

     I think also that the recoveries are the ones to be watched for the future, because apparently there aftermath of having covid can be a whole lot of health problems for life (or what's left of it).   

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