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  1. Today we eat Texas
  2. i was just checking out the forum , pressed a buttun, and voila
  3. Somewhere between two and three years old. Picture was made at the Vroom & Dreesman, and mother has sewn the blue jeans
  4. It is a dirty job, but someone has to do it.

  5. the Central Station and the Beurs van Berlage
  6. Hi Tony , 


    I know I can reach you for car business. I'm asking for a friend. He want to get a quote on a Ferarri . Please, when you see this message contact me in the place to be ! # koachsworkshop

  7. Happy Birthday Patsy Dear . Absolutly Faboulous!
  8. "An ancient mumbling monk his beads, I tried to thank for his courteous deeds My strange old friend. “Nay, do not talk,” He urged me, “you have a long walk Before you. Good-by and Good-day!” And gently sped upon my way I stumbled out in the morning hush, As down the empty street a flush Ran level from the rising sun. Another day was just begun." Amy Lowell
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