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  1. We did not get the story for tonight
  2. Hope all is well. Please send us the story for tonight Thank you
  3. cant get into Koach mirc

    1. Elusive_Butterfly


      the server is not listed


    2. SolidSnake


      /server irc.koach.com

  4. help i need to get into mirc


  5. i need the link to get into Koach on mirc


  6. i had to leave trivia where i have been playing since "David" has been playing there. He calls me some horrible names and why i don't know. This man Calls me B and C and makes horrible accusations about me.. Been playing there since the room was started several years ago. I can not take his name calling anymore and that is why i had to stop playing there. I brought and old trivia friend c00ee (25yrs) in and he see's what David is calling me. i find this all very upsetting and disturbing since i am an original member of that room. i wish he could be banned Thank you for listening
  7. OMG i am SO SORRY poor sweet baby
  8. changed my pic to a current one, taken 2 weeks ago.. but how do I delete the old pic?
  9. Koach, they did a wonderful job.. I loved it... hard to believe they are young kids
  10. i tried to join but.......... whats wrong?
  11. i tried to find it but no luck
  12. from facebook... re: Cordnblu Don was my friend for 43 years. I have been mowing Don’s lawn for as long as I can remember. He was an amazing artist and a pretty good musician. He even gave my oldest boy some lessons over the years. I will always cherish the many conversations we had. The night I took him to the hospital I think he knew he was never coming home. It was a very quiet ride. I mowed his lawn today for the last time. Don passed away in his sleep last week. He has been put to rest and is no longer suffering. He will be missed.
  13. Good people and dear friends,,,I have been a poor participant on FB and Im sorry,,,but I am now bringing you up to date on my status,,, over a year ago I was diagnosed with 3 types of cancer,,,,since then ive had part of right lung removed and have developed several lymphoma,,,,,sad to say , im not doing well... I just want everyone to know how important the internet has been to me, and all the friendships i have made over the years. my laptop has kept me going, along with prayers!; this is to let you know that, if no one hears from me for a couple of months, I probably and playing on a much different computer God bless each and everyone and prayers for all ! Your fellow internet associate and hopefully, good friend...........Don Rozzelle.......( cordnblu)
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