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  1. Tony

    Chinese ANYONE

    How in the world would you get back would be worth it but heck id want a parachute to get to bottom lol
  2. Look at all that junk i have open LOL.
  3. PEANUT!!!!!!! nice lookin dog
  4. nice err0r. seems everyone can make the better themes than myself lol.
  5. If You find Any of this Incorrect Please Notify me Thanks. Add These under the Popups Menu Services .NickServ ..Identify:/MSG NICKSERV IDENTIFY $$?="Your Password?" ..LogOut(Reverse of Identify):/MSG NICKSERV LOGOUT ..Register:/MSG NICKSERV REGISTER $$?="Password to Use" $$="E-mail To Use on the Account?" ..SEND PASS(Lost Your Password? Use this):/MSG NICKSERV SENDPASS $$?="Nick to Send Password to its associated e-mail" ..Group:/MSG NICKSERV GROUP $$?="Groups Username?" $$?="Password of Groups Username?" ..GList:/MSG NICKSERV GLIST ..Access ...ADD:/MSG NICKSERV ACCESS ADD $$?="T
  6. Hello there all Koach.com regulars and New Users. This is just a little intro post i wanted to start. You are free to add whatever you would like to say about yourself here. And please do remember to not post any confidential information that you do not want everyone to know such as e-mails/phone numbers. So first things first I will start of Introducing myself to everyone that doesn't know me. My name is Tony and I am 19 years old. and i am single I currently live in Lakeland,Florida. During my whole childhood i've lived in many states. For instance i was born in Florida but have live
  7. very useful script i got a nice spot for it in my mirc bot
  8. Have any requests for irc scripts for your personal use or to make your IRC Bot better? Ask away and we can help out in any way we can. This can range from mIRC/Eggdrop and any others.
  9. IPB were always good forum systems. rather than those other crappy sites that ive seen rippin off phpfox to make them look like a wannabe facebook or myspace lol. This alot better
  10. Tony

    Fovea HAHA!!!

    fovea thinks everyone is alot of things lol. she needs a better brain a homemade one lol
  11. yes indeed. Congrats friend. Enjoy the life of raising kids
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