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  1. These were rankings for a quiz I found while wandering around the interweb ... 1. COME BACK HERE!!! 2. bye! 3. ur quizzes suck (at least I try)
  2. Star

    God and Lawn Care

    When I saw "lawn care", I thought about the lawnlet I made in front of my house. I love it so. Today, I stood barefoot in the grass (one of my joys). I read your story and it was so true and so funny.
  3. It is Google's fault. I am completely innocent other than for the red illustrations.
  4. Star

    Funny pics

    That is an absolute riot.
  5. Thanks all, senectus wins lol. Appreciate the help.
  6. Hi, can anyone give me a hand here? I am researching my genealogy and I cannot make out the last word (circled in red). "...from senile dementia with organic disease of the brain and ___________" senectied? senectia? Thanks!
  7. Interesting post, Ancasse, and very informative. This is a good summary of how the U.S. can affect people around the world. I took the liberty of helping in a few places with the English. We want to be sure that all of our visitors are not exposed to specific names of people's businesses. Thank you again.
  8. I love your picture. Brings back great memories.
  9. Hi Vse ... Feel free to discuss here. All opinions are welcome.
  10. Star

    Thumb sucking

    A little "lol" from me. That warranted a big LOL,but laughing hurts me. It was so cute.
  11. I've heard Nan was easy. Interesting her chicken is as well. EB made me say that.
  12. I seem to have some serious issues surrounding the idea of commitments. I just saw I posted the above reply a year ago and I am STILL reading the book. On a positive note, since I have been more bed bound lately, I am making progress. I brought Next and The Pillars of the Earth to the hospital with me and will finish them. This is a good opportunity to finish the myriad of books I started and never finished. I will post what I've finished here as proof I can commit to something.
  13. So sorry, Koach. I remember when he was born. Hugs to Curly in kitty heaven.
  14. Antony, I love the pictures. When are Abi, Kylee, and Ella going to have a vitural play date?
  15. Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  16. Day #46. The Chapter network keeps disconnecting me if idle. I had to go help a few people with questions, so lost the entire post I wrote. BAH!
  17. Day #36. I so miss you all, so very much. Boy was I sick! I had to stay in bed 11/25, but I don't remember much. I got what was passing around here at headquarters. I have been all better for a few days now, but today started coming down with something again. This feels like a regular cold (ugh). I'm drinking lots of orange juice and eating healthy to try to keep it at bay. My boss and her minions left for dinner, so I have a chance to do hit the Internet from the office. Still 12+ hour days every day. They are talking at least through the end of January now. I keep getting a flash policy thing when trying to use webchat, so can't get in that way. Mirc seems out of the question here (at the DRO HQ) or at the hotel. I am truly the taxi princess now. When I walk down the street, they pull over for me without even waving at them. I suspect I have a NY walk now. I know I have NY attitude. I was walking with the light the other afternoon and a huge bus pulled around the corner right at me. I merely stopped mid-street right in front of him, smiled, and pointed politely at the "my turn to walk" light. I suspect the drive did not speak English because he was gesturing at me with both arms, obviously trying to communicate using sign language in his native tongue. I waved back with a big smile and proceeded on my way. My Red Cross phone number is (202) 674-0051. I would love to hear from you guys. I can't talk during the day, but after 8 p.m. or so NY time should be okay. If I don't pick up, just leave your name and number so I can find you. I need to find a long scarf somewhere. It is pretty darn cold here! The taxi fairy was good to me the other night. I found a $50 bill on the seat of the taxi when I got it (woot!). Okay, I got something of a second wind and want to wrap it up here so I can head home to the hotel. Hugs, Deb
  18. Day #27 of the Hurricane Sandy response. The operation provided me with a laptop with an aircard last night, so I can work from my hotel room. New York is an amazing city. I never realized how much New York is part of our lives as Americans. Today was the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. I had my first time off since I arrived, a half day. I slept! Took a taxi to work at noon and found much of the city's streets were closed due to the parade. I took a few pictures while we were backed up in traffic. One was of two policeman in front of a baracade with the street behind them empty of people and cars for as long as you could see. It reminded me of a science fiction movie. Another picture was of what must have been hundreds of policemen on one street corner surrounding a subway entrance. I asked the taxi driver what was happening. He said it was due to security for the parade. The last picture was of three little girls playing around a street light pole, laughing and singing. I thought it was cute. I wondered if these little "city girls" had ever had the opportunity to run in a field or play in a yard of their own. It is almost 3 a.m. now, and I need to go back to sleep. I woke up about an hour ago, all congested and unable to breathe. It seemed like a good time to try my Internet connection for the first time. I miss everyone so much. I've talked to gh, EB, and susan by phone and it was nice to catch up. Internet in the hotel was $14/might and is now up to $15/night. Everything here is so very expensive. I have no idea how people can afford to live here! Now that I have free connectivity, I am catching up with home manners (bills, etc.). I have to get up for work in 2 hours, so going to trying to sleep some more. Hugs to everyone!
  19. As I was pondering my spam e-mail, I wondered if the missives might be used as a source of inspiration for writing. I cleared my spam and am going to start creating a story line based on what happens to pop up. Given my attention span is marginally greater than that of a gnat, no telling how long this will keep my interest. I wonder if we created similar stories if we would see differences in the types of spam we receive. Anyway, off to complete another day ... Star
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