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Hi all, I would really like to see some activity on this board, I'll be monioring it on a daily basis, unless I cannot get to a place with connectivity.

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Hi Stormy, what kind of activity exactly would you like to see? Are you wanting to know what kind of photography we might be interested in?


I have a really neat little camera and as my husband was a published photographer and we had our own darkroom, I gained a love of photography, but perhaps more from the appreciate of a really good photograph, to actually taking a good one myself.


My favourites are people and b&w format, but I also love interesting photos of places and landscapes. I'm not much into the holiday snapshot type of photograph, although I've taken lots of them in my time. My grandaughter has developed a love of photography thanks to her grandfather's influence and she has taken some amazing "abstract" photos in the past couple of years, she also has a natural "eye" for what will photograph well.

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about time we had a section just to chat about photos and cameras well done


All My recent pictures are taken by a SONY A65

With Sony DT 18-55mm f3.5-5.6 & Sony DT 55-200mm f4-5.6


Lovely New release by sony works very very well great for action pictures and life style photos

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I use a small kodak sports camera although Ive tried oh so many others, but it takes the best photos.

Dont really care for people pictures and seldom take them unless someone asks me to. Also dont

really like scene poses or Holiday pics. Most photos I take are on the farm and just what I happen

across. About one quarter of the photos I take get binned...

One of the funniest photos I took was a large patch of clover which I sent out to everyone on my

list and asked if they could find the 4-leaf clover...I didnt know if there was a 4-leaf in the picture but

the reaction was really funny cause there must have been a thousand clovers in the snap...was that

mean or what... lol

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