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  1. lol, here ya go Odd. This will help you remember what a sandwich looks like.
  2. I want to welcome Odd to our ircop team. He's been a chatter for a long time and has the experience and the right temperament to be an oper. Glad to have you with us, Odd 🙂 Koach
  3. Hopefully we don't have to go through this all over again when another outbreak starts up.
  4. Hi Raymond Make sure you are trying this link: http://www.koach.com/web/ I just tested it and it's working for me Koach
  5. LOL Stormy, Your shelves are stocked considerably more than our stores, but I can get most anything I need. Koach
  6. Hi JohnRambo First, I've removed the ban. Second, the problem is caused by mibbit. They add these random numbers to your IP which makes you look like a bot 108AAD6LS @xx.xx.xx.xxx I'd suggest that you use a chat client like mIRC or maybe try the webchat we have on our website: http://www.koach.com/web/ Hope that helps, Koach
  7. Hey TV, Out of curiousity, what are these old radios worth? I love the way they look; back in the old days a radio was a beautiful piece of furniture. Koach
  8. Hi JohnRambo497, Did you solve this yet? If you still can't get into your chat room, please post any messages you get when you try. I am sure we can get it solved Koach
  9. Henry, it's be a very long time. Stop by soon Beautiful cat.
  10. Nice job on the restoration. It looks beautiful.
  11. Ray, our webchat is: http://koach.com/web/ Please try that instead of mibbit.
  12. That is a nice set up.
  13. Lol, i was lucky to get it on the security camera which I still have not mounted on the house. I had set it on the deck so I could see when sparrow or panda wants to come in.
  14. I just want it to be over too. lol But, I can't say I am over it. All around my neighborhood, kids are playing together, people are out for walks, neighbors are chatting with each other and no one is wearing a mask lol. I hope the virus dies down, but no idea if it will.
  15. lol, thanks SparhawkNZ. This is very funny and so true too.
  16. That looks like a pretty handy script. Thanks, Chain
  17. It sure doesn't look like Colorado has flattened the curve. I think we have a ways to go
  18. I'll go along with Odd on this one lol
  19. Koach

    BugusTrivia Commands

    This is a list of all the public commands that Minutiae will respond too in #Trivia_Fun. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- BogusTrivia Public Commands: General Game Play Commands ----------------------------------------------------------------------- .commands will show you a list of current commands. 1. Starting & Stopping The Game: (default flag to use this command is +o) Command(s) used in the channel the script is running in. .t2 :Starts or Stops the Trivia Game. 2. User Requested Hint & Qusetion Commands: (default flags are - (everyone) Commands used in the channel the script is running in. ~ :shows a hint (hint shown publicly & only once between each timed hint). q :will repeat the question (shown publicly & only once for each question). ----------------------------------------------------------------------- NEW BogusTrivia Public Commands: General Game Information Commands ----------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Individual Player Stats: a) .mystats :Say Your Current Game Stats to the Channel. (also: .me) b) .stats <nick> :Say the Current Game Stats of <nick> (no reply for unknown player). 2. General Game Information: a) .info :Say Information about the current BogusTriva Game. b) .webstats :Say the Trivia Statistics Web Page Address. c) .version :Say the Script Version and Credits Information. (also: .owner) ----------------------------------------------------------------------- More NEW BogusTrivia Public Commands: See Top Trivia Players Commands ----------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Top Trivia Players for Today Commands: a) .topday :See Top 10 Trivia Players for Today. (also: .today) b) .topday20 :See Top Trivia Players 11 to 20 for Today. c) .topday<number> :See Top Trivia Players Ranked Higher than 20. NOTE: Maximum players shown limited by script setting: t2(p-tmax-d) NOTE: <number> should be a number ending in zero. NOTE: Command does not reply to requests for nonexistant stats. Examples: .topday50 see top players 41 - 50 .topday30 see top players 21 - 30 2. Top Trivia Players for This Week, This Month & Total Ever: a) .topweek :See Top 10 Trivia Players for This Week. b) .topweek20 :See Top Trivia Players 11 to 20 for This Week. c) .topweek<number> :See Top Trivia Players Above 20 for This Week. d) .topmonth :See Top 10 Trivia Players for This Month. e) .topmonth20 :See Top Trivia Players 11 to 20 for This Month. f) .topmonth<number> :See Top Trivia Players Above 20 for This Month. g) .topever :See Top 10 Trivia Players Ever. h) .topever20 :See Top Trivia Players Ever 11 to 20. i) .topever<number> :See Top Trivia Players Ever Above 20.
  20. Please join us for our next chat in #readers_corner at 8:30 P.M. (EST) April 11th 2020 -- 01:30 A.M. (GMT) -- for a discussion of "Time, Art & Criticism" by Paul Trembling. There was only one exhibit, but it dominated the room. A discreet brass plaque gave its title: 'Seasons of a Tree'. The story is available on line at: http://www.eastoftheweb.com/short-stories/UBooks/TimeArt.shtml Meeting Place: #Readers_Corner Webchat: Webchat Link mIRC Users: /server -m chat3.koach.com:6667 -j #readers_corner I hope to see you all at our chat. Don't forget to bring a friend.
  21. LOL, that's probably what i'd do too.
  22. i bet it was fun to put together lol
  23. They are good looking dogs, and very happy together.
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