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    mIRC automation

    It seems we have several snippets of code to auto IDENTIFY. I think this is the most accurate and effective: ================ From an earlier post: Jas has improved this code to work with all nicks (registered and grouped nicks). Thanks jas ================ on *:NOTICE:*:*: { if (($network == koach.com) && (Nickserv!*service* iswm $fulladdress) && (*please choose* iswm $1-)) { ns identify ****** } } bReplace the ****** with your nickserv pass.
  2. Koach

    Happy Birthday Stormy

    Happy Birthday Old Timer! Here I am a day late again lol
  3. Koach

    Picture of my sister's doggie Sota

    She is definitely cute. My grandkids want me to get a small dog, but I told them my cats would eat it for lunch lol
  4. Koach

    For everyone not Down Under

    LOL, Some of those I can't even imagine how they got started.
  5. Koach

    New Kitten

    I went with my daughter and grand-kids to look at the cats and kittens at the Animal Shelter today. Of course, I came home with a kitten lol. The new kitten's name is Panda. I expected that my old 19.5 year old male cat would reject the new cat immediately, while my 8 year old female would be happy to have someone to play with. Well, that didn't go according to plan. The 8 year old, who is afraid of everything, was scared to death by the tiny kitten, less than half her size. The grumpy old male cat sniffed the female, and that was about it. He doesn't care at all that there is a new cat in the house. Oh well, never try to guess what a cat will do, it never works out lol The kitten is so happy to be in a house instead of a tiny cage. She kept exploring until she was exhausted. Then, she found an empty box, crawled inside and is now sound asleep.
  6. Koach

    My new look

    Thanks stormy, i was worried going in that it would be bone cancer.
  7. Koach

    My new look

    For many, many years i have had a nerve disease that affects the trigeminal nerve which runs down the right side of my face. It causes me facial pain (at least that's what the neurologist calls it), facial numbness, toothaches, and even eye aches. I am only affected on the right side of my head. Anyway, recently an MRI showed a bone lesion in the right side of my mandible (jaw bone). Notice I said IN my mandible. The lesion was right in the center of the bone. We had to find out what it was and eliminate bone cancer and some other horrible diseases as the cause. The only way to do that was to surgically go in through my mouth, drill out a section of the bone, and take a sample for a biopsy, and some other tests. The good news is that it is not some horrible disease. I guess is it just a non-malignant tumor. I'll probably have to have another surgery in a year to take another look at it. I am also having another CT scan to make sure the Dr got it all. The bad news though, is that the nerve is badly damaged and frayed. So, I still have a lot of the pain and weird sensations. For example, if I drink something cold through a straw, ift feels like it is running down the outside of my face. Anyway, there was quite a bit of bruising from the surgery and I thought you would like to all see my gorgeous new look lol Koach
  8. Koach

    My new look

    lol Odd, I guess I can't say, you should see the other guy. A lot of nerve pain is going away as the color fades. In a few months, who knows how good it might be. I sure have my fingers crossed.
  9. Koach

    Better No Weather then this Weather !!!!!

    Nice pictures. What came along with the clouds? Wind and rain?
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  11. lol, yes I agree, even if they are not from SAT tests, they are funny
  12. ok, its not really his lol, but he played in one. He went to a Rock camp at http://globalsoundstudio.com/ For 4.5 days, three hours a day, they learn two songs, and write one. Then, the last day, they go into a professional sound studio and record the 3 songs. On Saturday night, they give a concert showing what they learned, along with the other bands. The original song was Goodbye Summer. The vocalist wrote most of the words, and together they wrote the music. It's pretty amazing what they learned. Oh yea, two of them were 11 years old, the drummer was 10. Can you tell I am a proud grandpa lol 02-Goodbye Summer.mp3 03-Boulevard of Broken Dreams.mp3 01-Still Into You.mp3
  13. Koach

    My grandson's rock band

    They really did learn a lot, and Dustin had a blast
  14. Koach

    A few photos from my recent trip

    Thanks Nan, they are beautiful and interesting pics.
  15. Koach

    Happy Brthday, Koach

    Thanks Dash!
  16. Koach

    Nan, is this your Boxer.

    lol that's very funny. But, i guess that roosters can be very aggressive and scary.
  17. Koach

    New wheels and rims

    I am pretty happy with them. They were about $130 each, the tires about $160 I think, so not too bad
  18. Koach

    New wheels and rims

    So, I went outside today to take a picture of the new wheels and tires I put on my 350Z. Just as I took the picture, a bird dropped a large poop on the side. It was too dark to see the rims, but you can sure see the bird droppings. So, I took a picture on the other side which shows the rear wheels. Not very good pics, but I'll take more soon.
  19. Koach

    Distro review: Dragora GNU/Linux

    Thanks, msftofficehelp Good info Welcome to the forum
  20. Koach

    Happy Brthday, Koach

    Thanks very much everyone
  21. Koach

    A Visual Pun

    LOL, thats very good
  22. Happy Birthday Nan! I hope you have lots more cake and ice cream today Koach
  23. Koach

    Ozzy Man Reviews Soccer Dives

    I just did a search for "ozzy man" on YouTube, you'll see a lot of Ozzy Man Reviews. Even though they are made for Youtube, they are very funny lol
  24. Koach

    Ozzy Man Reviews Soccer Dives

    With all the futbol (soccer) going on right now, this video seemed very appropriate as well as very funny. Warning, there is plenty of profanity, something that seems to be a national pastime in Australia. We'll have to ask Nan about that Ozzy Man Reviews Soccer Dives!
  25. Koach

    Ozzy Man Reviews Soccer Dives

    Oh, I think it's definitely made for viewing, probably hoping it will go viral. All they would need is someone with an Aussie (I hope Aussie is ok) accent and video editing software. lol, but poking fun at the soccer players is warranted, since they attempt to make every play very dramatic.