Some of the Tools we used on MSN

The tools shown on this site were written by Koach using Visual Basic 6. Koach will not display screenshots of any tools developed by MSN or by other MSN Admins unless given permission to do so (not likely to happen lol). The tools listed on this site are not a complete list of the tools we used on MSN. But, they will give you an idea of the types of tools we had.

If you have questions about these tools, you may chat with Koach on
Do not contact Koach on Messenger or via email with questions about these tools. Contact him in chat on in #KoachsWorkShop.

IRC server:

Web Chat

1. Multi Room Bot (MRB)

2. Multi Room Bot Client (MRBC)

3. Single Room Client (SRC)

4. Chat Service Manager (CSM)

5. Directory Server Tool

6. Web Chat Client

7. Connection Monitor

8. BattleBot