Multi Room Bot (MRB

MRB was a bot that monitored all the U.S. and Canada chat rooms. You knew it as Syclops_bot or Chat_Bot. MRB detected and blocked CTCP floods (TIME, PING, VERSION, etc) sent to the room, killed or gagged for text, nick change, or emoticon floods, controlled profanity and spam, and did much more.

MRB was a very advanced bot. In addition to being a room bot, it was also a chat server that sysops could connect to and use to monitor issues in chat rooms, kick users, ban users, gag users, and chat with each other as they worked together on some problem. Sysops used MRB Client to connect to MRB. Multi Room Bot is not much to look at. It's beauty is what it did behind the scenes. I don't have a screen shot from MSN. The screenshot below shows the bot disconnected. Normally it would have a list of rooms displayed on the top right and a list of connected sysops displayed on the bottom right.

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