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Channel rejoiner


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menu * {
  Rejoin channels
  . on $network : rejoin $network
  .on all networks : .scon -at1 rejoin $!network
alias rejoin {
  var %rejoin.network = $iif($1,$1,$network)
  var %a = 1, %b = $ini(mirc.ini,chanfolder,0)
  while %a <= %b {
    var %channel = $readini(mirc.ini,chanfolder,$ini(mirc.ini,chanfolder,%a))
    var %aj = $gettok(%channel,-1,44)
    var %network = $noqt($gettok(%channel,$iif(%aj isnum,-2,-1),44))
    var %channel = $noqt($gettok(%channel,1,44))
    if %network == %rejoin.network && %channel !ischan && %aj isnum {
      .timer -m 1 $calc(500 * %a) join %channel
    inc %a

Have you ever re-connected to a network, only to find that some of your favorite channels are in +R mode?
If, like me, you've come across this, even if you have a registered nick, mIRC's favorites folder tries to connect you to those channels whether you have identified for your nick or not.
Once you've identified for your nick, simply run this little script, and it'll connect you to all of the channels that are in your favorites.. even handles multiple networks.

This can be used from the menu system, or using the /rejoin alias. If isn't specified, then the current network will be used by default.

500 millisecond delay added to the join command for networks that are fussy regarding joining lots of channels quickly.


Code By: RusselB

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