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Scott SLRM


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This is a Scott SLRM used in the military as a "morale" radio for our military to use to listen to news and music.  I picked it up from a fella who's mother had it stashed in her attic.  She inherited it from her father.  I gave the set a complete re-cap, replaced all the off value resistors and installed a complete set of new old stock tubes.  The set is now working better than when it left the factory.  I sent the fella all the photos in the restoration process along with a detailed description of the work done on the set.  They are very pleased the set went to someone who appreciates it's historical significance and restoration.  The model SLRM is an acronym for Scott Low Radiation Marine.  They installed extensive shielding to prevent the enemy from picking up on it's oscillator using radio direction finding equipment.  More on the Scott SLRM can be found here:




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