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Marconi CSR-5


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This is the most recent additon to my military radio collection.  It's a Marconi CSR-5 that has been re-branded as a CSR-5A but only the front bezel was replaced.  The rest of the chassis is original.  I just finished replacing all the wax/paper capacitors and filters.  I have the original AC/DC power supply but don't plan to use it.  I'm going to build one for it as witih the original which uses a "vibrator" to oscillate the DC voltage before stepping it up to 120VAC from 12VDC have a tendency to short causing the power transfomer primary winding to overheat and go open.  I'll build an AC only power supply from parts gathered from my scrap heap.  I have a complete set of new old stock tubes ready to be installed and it'll be set for it's first power up in several decades of being in limbo since being de-commissioned.  More information on the Marconi CSR-5 and CSR-5A sets can be found here:







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