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Aware of mummification


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Mummification one advances in the ancient Egyptian civilization and indicates the extent to which his own language in understanding the secrets of many of the mysteries of the world and on the correct amount of ammunition you got from a scientific knowledge of accurate and correct

The ancient Egyptians believed in life after death. The ancient Egyptian religions say that man can not be resurrected in the Hereafter only after returning the soul to the body.

I think it should be the pharaohs embalmed the dead to protect the body from decomposition to be able to find the soul from the body to be a process of resurrection.

Have developed methods of embalming the Pharaohs over hundreds of years and discovered that it must first remove the internal organs to protect the body from decomposition, and then treated with salts, glues, oil, rice, honey, tar and dried in order to protect them from germs.

The researchers report they published in the science journal Nature that the choice of the components of embalming materials was influenced by the cost factor and the shouts of the fashion that prevailed.

It was a wealthy ancient Egyptians are keen to buy embalming materials precious to honor their dead, as some of the wealthy resort today to buy coffins and precious luxury building tombs.

That the secret of mummification remains always more mysteries of the Pharaohs mysterious and exciting

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