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The Amazing World of Coca Cola

Guest ajaX

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Facts about the world's largest brand...

  • Coca Cola has about 450 brands with more than 3,000 beverage products.
  • Of those 450 brands, 13 of them have annual retail sales of over $1bn. The 13? Coca Cola, Coca Cola Zero, Diet Coke/Coca-Cola Light, Sprite, Fanta, Minute Maid, Dasani, Aquarius, Powerade, Sokenbicha, Nestea, Georgia Coffee and glaceau vitamin water
  • In 2008, it's total operating revenue was $31.94bn.. which is more than the GDP of 97 countries and islands
  • Also in 2008, it's net income of $5.807bn.. which is a profit of about $15m a day
  • In 1886, John Pemberton, the creator of "Coca Cola," served just 9 drinks a day from Jacobs' Pharmacy
  • Today, there are 570bn servings a year, 1.6bn a day, 18,000 every second, 1,080,000 by the time you finish reading this thread
  • The largest consumption of Coca Cola products by country? (Based on us 8 fluid ounces of a finished beverage) 1st) Mexico = 635 2nd) Chile = 427 3rd) US = 412 4th) Australia = 324 5th) Argentina = 312
  • Coca Cola operates in over 200 countries and has 92,400 employees
  • Coca Cola has 20,000,000 customer outlets (McDonalds, etc), 10,000,000 cooler and vending machines, 900 plants (which is 7 times the amount of Procter and Gamble) and 500,000 trucks, which is 5 times the amount of UPS
  • The annual combined sales of Coca Cola, Sprite and Diet Coke is about enough for every single person in the world to have a bottle each

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