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Channel Command Center dialog


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foreverurs said: ChanServ Command Center(Dialog)

Jan 1st, 2009, 6:23pm

Hi everyone :D

This dialog is designed to make the use of ChanServ a little easier

heres what you have to do in order to use this


step 1) in your mIRC type //echo $mircdir

step 2) Extract dcx_v1.4.0.zip into the folder that $mircdir returns

step 3) load the following 3 files into the scripts editor





the dialog has no buttons its all right click menus

I think some of you will find this makes the usage of ChanServ commands much faster and easier

i hope you enjoy this add-on

if you find any bugs or anything please let me know :D


you have to have ChanServ access (i.e Founder/Access/xop) in order for all the commands to work

some commands are only allowed to be used by the Channel Founder

here is one picture of the one i use, the version in this post has captions above the listviews to let you know what each one is




there was no menu in the access listing to remove a user from sop aop hop or vop BUG FIXED

also adding to vop from the access listview actually adds to hop BUG FIXED


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