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Guidelines for Koach.com issued vHosts

What is a vHost?

When you connect to Koach.com (or any IRC network), you do so using an IP address or IP name. To help protect your identity while connected to Koach.com, we always cloak or hide part of your IP number or name. But, you might want to hide it completely. A vHost (meaning Vanity Host or Virtual Host) changes your IP address or IP name to something of your choosing.

For example, using a normal connection, when you join a chat room, other users might see something like this:

Nooblet ident@k-9BE21EFD.den.comcast.com

As you can see, the IP address or IP name portion of your hostmask is partially cloaked (or hidden/encrypted), but it might still give information about you to other users like your Internet Service Provider or your city (Denver in the example above).

However, suppose you selected a vHost of eye.am.a.nooblet. Your hostmask would then show as:
Nooblet ident@eye.am.a.nooblet
As you can see, this completely hides your IP address or IP name.

So, there are two reasons you might want a vHost. First, you can completely hide your IP address or IP name, and second, they are a fun way to personalize your chat identity.

Guidelines for selecting your vHost

Each vHost must be unique. Therefore, you may not select a vHost already used by another user. The IRCop setting the vHost will check this for you. Also, you may not choose koach.com as part of your vhost. Koach.com is reserved for ircops, hosts, and our service bots.

Also, you may not select vhosts that violate the Terms of Use. Therefore, sexually explicit vHosts, sites that relate to illegal activities, etc, will be refused. Read the Koach.com Terms of Use for more information ( http://www.koach.com/tou.php ).

Finally, you may not have Top Level Domain (TLD) as your vhost. In other words, your vhost may not end in .co.uk, .com, .net. org, .nl, .com.au, .tr, and so on. For example, google.com, or google.org would not be allowed. Nor could you use microsoft.com, but you could use microsoft.vb6. This also applies to websites that may be your own. If you own mysite.com, you could use my.site or mysite.rocks, but not mysite.com.

Also, all vHosts must be in the form of a valid hostmask, meaning there must be at least one dot. For example, somesite.of.mine is ok. So is any.word . Another acceptable example is eye@m.wonderderful. But, testing by itself (no dot) will not work.

Applying for a vHost

Join #helpdesk or contact any Ircop and request a vHost. They will be able to tell you if the vHost already exists. If it does not, the ircop can approve and set it for you. Once the ircop has set the vhost, you activate it by typing: /hs on

From then on, whenever you IDENTIFY, your vHost will be set.


Using vHosts to Evade bans


Using your vHost (or vHosts) to evade bans is prohibited. If our Staff sees you using your vHost to evade bans, they might remove your vHost. Since each incident is handled separately, one person might lose a vHost for a violation, while another might not. We will try to be as fair as possible.

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