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[11:13] -NickServ- Syntax: STATUS [nickname]
[11:13] -NickServ-  
[11:13] -NickServ- Returns whether the user using the given nickname is
[11:13] -NickServ- recognized as the owner of the nickname. The response has
[11:13] -NickServ- this format:
[11:13] -NickServ-  
[11:13] -NickServ-     nickname status-code account
[11:13] -NickServ-  
[11:13] -NickServ- where nickname is the nickname sent with the command,
[11:13] -NickServ- status-code is one of the following, and account
[11:13] -NickServ- is the account they are logged in as.
[11:13] -NickServ-  
[11:13] -NickServ-     0 - no such user online or nickname not registered
[11:13] -NickServ-     1 - user not recognized as nickname's owner
[11:13] -NickServ-     2 - user recognized as owner via access list only
[11:13] -NickServ-     3 - user recognized as owner via password identification
[11:13] -NickServ-  
[11:13] -NickServ- If no nickname is given, your status will be returned.
[11:13] -> *nickserv* status #john
[11:13] -NickServ- STATUS #john 0 
[11:13] -> *nickserv* status #Roomservice
[11:13] -NickServ- STATUS #Roomservice 0 

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