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Can't get into the chat room

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Hey Everyone,

This Ribeye here speaking. I am unable to get into the chat room because it needs for me to purchase/sign up for lightirc. Is there anyway I can bypass this? I have Safari and Safari just updated 2 days ago. Stormy, Nan, or Koach if you can please extend my 30 day presence in case Chat_Bot doesn't recognize me since I cannot get in? Ok please let me know and thanks.




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I'm not sure what the deal with lightirc that you're talking about, it's having problems communicating with the Flash handler.

Use Mibbit instead, link is below:


The link for your room is:  http://widget02.mibbit.com/?settings=734f87f1a24cada2647cc19e3902b238&server=irc.koach.com&channel=%23koachsworkshop

We'll be looking forward to seeing you :)


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You should not have to pay to use lightIRC. Can you post the exact message?

That being said, lightIRC is broken on our website at the moment. So, I recommend you use Mibbit, which stormy posted above :)





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