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  1. These intructions will show you how to login to koach.com and join our #Readers_Corner chat room where we have our weekly Readers Chat.

    1. If you are using mIRC or Ice Chat, just type:
    /server chat.koach.com 6667
        and then, once you are connected:
    /join #readers_corner

    2. To use our webchat: 

    Our web chat is down at the moment due to the issues using Flash. We hope to have our new one up soon. But, until then, please use Step 3.


    3. If you can not get in the chat room using the instructions above, you can also use this link:

    That link will take you to Mibbit.com which also has a webchat you can use.
    You will also be asked for a nickname, so enter one.

    For your information the tiny URL shown above is a shortened version of this URL:

    Either will work.

    Please post any questions you have here, and I will answer them ASAP.



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