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  1. engines


    Nice photo's dodge
  2. engines

    The pregnant woman

    Like it Koach.
  3. engines

    First Christmas in Heaven

    so close to home that one Star. but nice.
  4. engines

    Zucchini Bread

    printing and will try it.
  5. engines

    Happy Birthday, Blondie !!

    Happy Birthday Blondie! Hope you have a good one
  6. engines

    The Anniversary

    good one. how true!!
  7. engines

    Complaints Department

    dumb lot is all i can say!!!
  8. engines

    engines front verge

    yes Nan a footpath on other side of rd.
  9. engines

    engines front verge

    Oh I hope it is finished Patsy just needs growing time now to fill out the area.
  10. engines

    engines front verge

    Well at long last the front verge is finished. here are a few pics of the final product after spreading 5 cubic metres of pine bark mulch. The smell coming from the pine bark in the morning is nice. The two front verges together Bottom section Top section. The drive way separates the two sections. The front verge in total is 84 foot long and about 15 foot in the bottom section and about 25 in the top section as this covers a rose garden. The green roofed house is ours Now onto another project - the back yard.
  11. engines

    Photos of fires very close to our place.

    Fire all out after another flare up. many thanks to all concerned
  12. engines

    Photos of fires very close to our place.

    Yep Stormy a bit close for comfort
  13. engines

    Classical music

    very clever!!
  14. Such a sad note to be reading. However i think in our hearts we all knew it would be the worst as Spike was always here and helpful to all. My online buddy who i shall miss greatly. RIP mate.