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  1. X-Fusion

    Happy Birthday X-Fusion!

    Thanks everybody
  2. X-Fusion

    Dottie's Update

    Sorry to hear that Dottie. Have an enjoyable retirement and don't be a stranger!
  3. X-Fusion

    Stuffed Ham

    Definitely a Southern Maryland thing, but it's incredibly, and surprisingly good. It's really good more as a sandwich than eating it plain, to me.
  4. It's exactly the stance he should take. Can you imagine how many of the websites the government deems "piracy" would be taken off Google? I think the anti-piracy bill is crap anyway.
  5. Because you're a wealth of fun, factual information! Back to the thread, that's pretty cool stuff.
  6. X-Fusion


    Everything works fine here, sounds like a problem between you and the server.
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  8. X-Fusion

    my favourite pepsi drink

    Because everyone knows if the ingredients look nasty, it certainly must be nasty.
  9. X-Fusion

    Auto-identify script.

    Personally, I use mIRC's perform feature. It works as an on connect feature. When you connect to the server, it performs your input. To access it, do the following: Navigate to 'Tools' in your menu bar, from there select options. If you like shortcuts (which I do), just use Alt O From there, click the plus next to 'Connect.' This will expand to a sub-menu After that, select Options which is the second choice in the sub-menu Within the Options selection, you'll see a button titled 'Perform..' Click that. Check the box that says 'Enable perform on connect' In the text area labeled 'Perform commands,' enter in the commands you want to perform. I like to make sure my nickname is ghosted if I'm ever disconnect it so I can easily recover it. My perform looks like this: /timer 1 1 ns ghost my_nick my_password /timer 1 3 nick my_nick /timer 1 5 ns identify my_password Pretty easy, basic stuff, but not a lot of people know about that feature. You can do any number of things when you connect.
  10. X-Fusion

    Comments on New Forums

    Everything looks pretty good here. Loads fast.
  11. X-Fusion

    Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. eXonyte!!!

    He's used to the baby life. He's a baby making machine. Though, I still claim credit for his first kid.