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  1. Happy Birthday ..........................
  2. Got Milk?

    U both don't understand , milk comes out of a factory . What do cows have to do with it ? Grtz (Casa has a blond moment.)
  3. Current Birthday List

    Johnrambo497 added to the list.
  4. Happy Birthday, reclaimer !

  5. How it really works

    I told my son, “You will marry the girl I choose.” He said, “NO!” I told him, “She is Bill Gates’ daughter.” He said, “OK.” I called Bill Gates and said, “I want your daughter to marry my son.” Bill Gates said, “NO.” I told Bill Gates, My son is the CEO of World Bank.” Bill Gates said, “OK.” I called the President of World Bank and asked him to make my son the CEO. He said, “NO.” I told him, “My son is Bill Gates’ son-in-law.” He said, “OK.” This is exactly how politics works . . .
  6. Old man , Happy Birthday en enjoy the day with youre loved ones.
  7. Happy Birthday and have a nice day with lots of presents and fun. Share it with youre family.
  8. TV_Tech happy birthday and have a nice day .
  9. Botserv commands

    I have tried that but chatters want to use colors in their messages , and even then it doesnt react on most of the remote commands except !up and !down. If i use mode +S than u see only black text and it works but if the chatter uses Bold , Underlined or Background Color it wont work . Weirdest thing is that Up and Down commands works all the time only the rest doesnt work with other than black Not Activate Foreground Color , Bold and Underlined. All the text has to be stripped from color , bold , underlined and other stuff before processed further in the bot.
  10. Botserv commands

    I know that in Mirc u can strip color and other from incoming messages and that helps a lot.
  11. Botserv commands

    I assigned the bot ( Chat_Bot) in a dutch room (#30-60) , all the chatters including the founder uses webchat and they have selected colored and sometimes bold font. The bot reacts on !up and !down with this colored font , other commands like !k and !devoice etc dont work with these colored fonts. If i set the font to standard ( no color and not bold or underlined ) all the commands work perfectly. Can someone look into this , dont hurry though Casa
  12. Star , i wish u a nice day with lots of cake and fun.
  13. My hippy days

    I'm jealous of all that hair lol....
  14. Happy Birthday, endaeias !!

    Happy Birthday endaeias.
  15. I hope u have a nice day with lots of presents and Pizza ofcourse.....