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    D´r Knup op de Nieuwstraat "Alle Menschen Werden Brüder"
  3. Johnrambo497


    D´r Knup op de Nieuwstraat "Alle Menschen Werden Brüder"
  4. Johnrambo497


    Van de Abdij Rolduc dit is de Steenberg wat NU Wandel Route´s zijn. Als je die Houten Flonder naar boven gaat van de Grube Adolf in Alsdorf dan weet je wat je Gedaan hebt !!!!!
  5. Johnrambo497


    Voor de Abdij
  6. Johnrambo497


    De Abdij Rolduc Zelf
  7. Johnrambo497


    Één Wijn Veld in de Abdij Rolduc Zelf & Ene Erachter maar daar was ik Vandaag dus niet !!!!!
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  9. Johnrambo497


    Abdij Rolduc Kerkrade
  10. Johnrambo497


    Burg Rode Herzogenrath
  11. Johnrambo497


    Burg Rode Herzogenrath
  12. Johnrambo497


    Ik Sta op de Burg Rode in Herzogenrath & Over de Linker Schouder zien Jullie de Torenspits van de Abdij Rolduc !!!!!
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    Cannot send to Channel

    Probleem OpGelost !!!!!
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    Cannot send to Channel

    Cannot send to channel: #Johnrambo497 Dit heb ik in de display staan als iemand wat tikt !!!!! Hoe kan ik dit Uitschakelen ????? Groetjes John
  18. Please join us for our weekly literary chat in #readers_corner at 8:30 P.M. (EDST) on May 19th 2018 (00:30. (GMT), May 20th) for a discussion of "The Terror of Blue John Gap" by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Doyle, most well as the writer of the stories describing the deductive reasoning of the celebrated detective, Sherlock Holmes, gave credit to Koach's favorite author--Edgar Allan Poe--as his source of inspiration for developing the detective story into a recognizable genre' of fiction. He also payed homage to Poe with many of his lesser known works, which include a number of short "horror" stories. This weeks offering is one of those well crafted tales of the horrors that might live somewhere out there in the wilds of the English countryside. "The Terror of Blue John Gap" shares that feeling of dread common to many of Poe's tales, and for those of you who a bit of a fright to start the night, it should prove quite entertaining. The story is available in many formats (from kindle and e-pub, to mp3 sound clips and Youtube offerings. I would suggest a pdf copy of the story, available at: http://etc.usf.edu/lit2go/19/tales-of-terror-and-mystery/76/the-terror-of-blue-john-gap/ It is available in html (web reading format) at eastoftheweb.com: http://www.eastoftheweb.com/short-stories/UBooks/TerBlu.shtml Is available from Youtube at farious streaming urls, I would suggest https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QC-hTY49srg as the most clear to my aging ears. (I personally prefer to read than listen to stories, and it takes longer to listen to the stories than to read them.) The story is available from Gutenberg.org in multiple formats , and you can do a google search for yourself. No matter where you go and which ever way you prefer to read it, I believe you will enjoy it. The chat will be held in #Readers_corner on koach.com Web chat address: http://koach.com/cha...=readers_corner mIRC Users: /server -m chat3.koach.com:6667 -j #readers_corner Please note: The story is a bit longer than our usual so you may want to start reading it early this week, the audio versions of the story on Youtube range from approxomately 40 minutes to a little over an hour. I hope to see you all at the chat. I think the discussion will be a lot of fun.
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    Pretty cool stuff, Dodge. Downloading them now. Thanks, Koach
  21. Koach

    New! SuperTrivia 5.1

    Good question, I'll have to check into it Koach
  22. Koach

    Happy Birthday, Stevejobs

    Happy Birthday, Stevejobs. You are officially an old timer now. Let the old jokes begin! Koach
  23. Koach

    Happy Birthday David

    Happy Birthday, David. It was great catching up with you in chat. Hope you had a wonderful birthday. Koach
  24. Happy Birthday, stevejobs - hope you've had a great day !!
  25. Dodge


    I love Midi, what can I say. It's small, manipulatetable and most computers that have sound have 128 midi sounds built In to the motherboard or soundcard. Some or most have banks which consist of 128 sounds per bank. GM stands for general midi /me salutes the general Example and Explanation. <------ Hot Link to Midi Explanations. A Song I wrote this morning In a few different styles. The chords actually go 1: | EM7 . . . | Co7 . . . | Bm . . . | B7sus . B9sus Bm7 | | Em . . . | C . . . | B . . . | B9 . B+7 . | 2: | C . . . | Am . . . | B . . . | B . B Asus2 | | G . . . | A . . . | B . . . | B . B B | 3: | C . . . | D . . . | E . E . | E . E . | | C . . . | D . . . | E . . . | E7sus . Esus . | ECBCDEbarouqePeaceB.mid ECBCDEpianoPyrimid.mid ECBCDEdreamDance.mid ECBCDEreggae.mid ECBCDEsubmerged.mid ECBCDEtomsBeatLikeBass.mid ECBCDEcomedy.mid
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    John MegaLand.jpg

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